Monday, September 5, 2011


One of my favorite Brooklyn spots is Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint. Nestled on the roof of some tall building on Eagle Street is a farm oasis that supplies area businesses and locals with produce. On most Sundays, you can volunteer on the farm. The last time I visited, I planted lettuce seeds and harvested tomatoes, while looking at the Manhattan skyline. Pretty unexpected and glorious if you ask me.

::lost & found::

I stumbled upon this image on the side of a stoop in Fort Greene the other day. Just had to share....

::southern comfort::

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of watching a very special person in my life get married. She is from Greensboro, NC and is therefore why the ceremony was held there. I've never been to the south prior to this little adventure and was overcome by the hospitality and laid-back pace. Although the home-made peach cobbler was delicious, one of my friends preferred a visit to Sonic! All in all, a really sweet escape.

::green thumb::

The final leg of our family trip was to Victoria Canada. There, we visited the well-respected Butchart Gardens. Believe it or not, much of both the design and creation of these luscious grounds was done by the very woman who owned the home on the premises. Now, dozens of hands work to trim, prune and snip the foliage into perfection. Just before leaving Victoria, we had the chance to walk down some of the impressive streets and came across souvenir shops and one chalk artist that made me feel as though I was back in New York. "May I take your picture?" I asked using my best manners. "If you pay me," he replied. :)


After being in Seattle for the blink of an eye, my family and I headed to Alaska. I'm not sure that I have ever seen more beautiful scenery in all my life. One of the biggest highlights of the trip was going rafting on rapids in the embrace of snow-capped mountains (mom - I had to show your adorable picture here.) The other highlight was going on a bike ride within the beautiful Alaskan forest. The only thing stopping me from moving here is, well, it being really cold and difficult to live in these parts during the winter! Minor technicality!

::west coast vibe::

I recently went to Seattle and was a little enamored with the open-air market and blue grass music being fiddled in between the cherry stands. What other set of farmers take such pride in their produce that they handpick the items for their customers so that no delicate piece of fruit is bruised by a novice hand? The only thing stopping me from moving is a little rain and cloudy skies :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

::getting stitched::

I made two cross-stitches recently for two special friends. Once I found some sample alphabets and shapes on Martha Stewart's website, I couldn't stop! You better look out - I'll try stitching your initials to your shirts when you're not looking...